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1. Special Controllers

Mobile: Mobile
Backend: Admin
Api: Example: Return DotKernel version
Console: Call this only from command line

Also the above controllers are reserved words so you cannot have an action called admin or rss in frontend

2. URL Pattern

  • The default module is frontend, so the URL's will be in the form:
  • and in the admin the URL's will be:
  • and in Api the URL's will be:
  • URL's like:
    /admin/controller/action//var1/value-of-var1/var2/value-of-var2/ will be automatically corrected to /admin/controller/action/var1/value-of-var1/var2/value-of-var2/

3. Adding a new Controller

To add a controller called Articles in the frontend, you need to add 3 files:

  • CONTROLLER: controllers/frontend/ArticlesController.php , which contains the switch
  • MODEL: DotKernel/frontend/Articles.php, which contains the class Articles
  • VIEW: DotKernel/frontend/views/ArticlesView.php, which contains the class Articles_View

As well as the folder templates/frontend/articles/ with the necessary template files.
In config/router.xml, inside the <controller> tag, add: <frontend>Articles<frontend>

Here are some articles that will help you when adding a new controller:

Admin Panel Log In

username: admin
password: dot